Our services as a digital communication agency to meet your needs.

In order to improve your visibility, increase your notoriety and raise your profile, AnneCha Consulting offers multi-channel communication. Our web agency can provide you better expertise in the following areas:


SEO audit, SEO strategy, semantic content, keywords, advice and website optimization

Web Editor

Articles, product sheets, whitebooks, pedagogical reports, grant reports, press kits, feedback forms, newsletters, e-mailings, website updates, etc.

Digital communication

Digital transition management MO365, physical and digital training, ppt presentations, dynamic screens, articles, creation of modus operandi and leaflets, feedback forms, quizzes, game contests, e-mailings, brand identity declinations on paper based, campany events and internal social networks.

Social Media Manager

Social network audit, community management, SR strategy, advice and optimization, contests, community animation, posting, paid ads.

Content Manager
Brand manager

Brand identity strategy, logo, colorimetry, brand platform, icons, e-mail signatures, business cards, letterheads.

Graphic designer

Social network views, animated gifs, computer graphics, logos, dynamic screens, ppt presentations, digital quizzes.

Paper-based communication

Flyers, posters, business cards, layout of various brochures and whitepapers.


Event management, guest management, caterer handling, happening, speaking points.

Many other services

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